bleach 518




fuckin’ good.

orchidpoison replied to your post: Jii, use your magic to make the new chapter come out faster.

you don’t need magic… you just need your christmas fairy aizen butterfly



The new Bleach chapter.

I seriously fuckin’ can’t even. 



By: mimi100
By: mimi100

Happy Birthday, Ichimaru Gin.

looking for Grimmjow Pantera Cosplayer

So once there was this Grimmjow Pantera coplayer I seen some time back. At the time I wasn’t even thinking of cosplaying Grimmjow, but now that I do I want to look at her cosplay. She was like, the most legit lookin Pantera Grimmjow form cosplayer. The scar looked real and the wig was amazing. I don’t think her photos were on an american site though (i could be wrong). There was a lot of pictures with her eating cat treats. Thats what I can remember. :| 

I can’t find her anywhere and it’s pretty frustrating. 

Bleach 501

So what happened in 501 is exactly what my friend said it was gonna be. Instead of sticking to showing anything Bleach fans actually wanted to see he went ahead and shown something else completely unrelated.
Not only that but (personal opinion) it was awfully uninteresting compared to whateverthefuckelse is going on so far in this. Least he coulda done was update us on Kira a little bit.
Way to go, Kubo. Way. to. go.

But seriously. Maybe his idea is to get every fan going batshit crazy and on the edge of their seats by the end. Until everyone who has a favorite character is interested in atleast one little part. Until he has his fans hearts in the palm of his hand and then he will wrap shit up and he’ll either mend or tear them apart and create a possible massacre.