Just another talk about hair.

Everyone may be wondering why I care so much about my hair and well, truth is, aside from my eyes, it’s a part of me that I think makes me well…anywhere near the word “attractive” and without it, I dunno. I’m a wig stylist, my mom is a hair dresser.  Hair just an importance in my life that I grew up with I guess.

anyways, I’ve been growing my hair again because if I cant have it be white like I want it, I want it to be a little longer so I can wear it for LOKI properly. Having to dye my white hair and make it black and as short as I did for Damian really sunk me into some weird funky depression that I couldn’t even get the fuck over unless I grew it out some, which I did. I may settle for a wig for Damian or something, I don’t know yet. 

I have naturally wavy hair too, I’m also thinking about just keeping it wavy. I wonder what would happen if I grew it a little longer maybe sorta just a bit like I used to have it about a year ago, medium length


but only this time keep it wavy, and If I look too feminine (which I obviously have aprobem with) then I’ll just cut again, its NP. 

or I may se what its like at this length 


I dunnoidunno :d